Interior Design

Interior design has 2 sides:

 Firstly aesthetics, which meets the clients personality and fantasy, and secondly, finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety and well being of occupants and the neighborhood, through the implementation of star rating and green solutions.

Following a systematic and coordinated methodology including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, interior design is multi faceted, whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to create an interior space that fulfills the project goals.

Qualified through education, and real life experience, an Interior designer is skilled at assisting clients realize their goals. Interior designers are skilled at providing a full scope of service which may vary with each project but generally include:

Des-Signer - Interior Design
Des-Signer - Interior Design
Phase 1

Conceptual Design

By consulting, with the Client. Architect, Hotel Operator, and any other major consultants, Des-­signer will be able to ascertain the design intent, and begin the creative process. Ideas, concepts and materials will be brought together to formulate the beginning of the interior story.

Phase 2

Design Development

Once the conceptual idea has been approved, Des-­‐signer will begin the process of realising the concept within the architecture. Planning, & key elevations are developed showing proposed detailing, and the conceptual idea, in realization.

Des-Signer - Interior Design
Phase 3

Design Documentation

The complete project documented, detailed, and specified. From the ceiling, through to the carpets. This package allows the client to price the project, and begin the tender process.

Phase 4

Project Coordination

Des-signer remains on hand to see the completion of the project, answering any queries, value engineering components, and overseeing the final details, until the project is handed over to the clients satisfaction.

Des-Signer - Interior Design

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